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Saturday, November 12, 2005 posted by Cindy

Well, before you scroll madly through the pics, let me ask, has this ever happened to you?
8:30 am: time to start getting ready for day. Looks like you'll have just enough time to shower, get dressed, (nurse, change baby's diaper, dress baby). Maybe if you're lucky, there'll be time to eat.

9:15 Shower done. Baby dressed, fed, clean diaper, now napping. Baby's bag packed for day. Pick out own clothes for day. Put on new sweater. Try to find pants to match new sweater. No pants match new sweater. Try skirts. Only a few skirts match new sweater. Too cold for any of those skirts. Will be indoors most of day. Find skirt that matches, a little short for the season, but oh well. Realize look like it is May instead of November. Layer on furry vest to add some warmth to slightly cold outfit. Satisfied, suddenly realize legs are not shaved. Realize that even though will be indoors at party, leg hair looks quite obvious. Table leg hair issue.

9:30 baby up. Just need shoes. None of shoes match quirky furry vest/sweater/short skirt combo. Best match is clunky Steve Maddens mary jane style shoe that is red and sweater is pink but oh well.

9:45 out the door with slightly odd outfit plus unshaved leg hair. Oh well, this is Northern California after all.

In the last 3 weeks I've finally gotten my brows done, my hair cut and colored, got my makeup done at Sephora and I went shopping with YB alone w/o baby and with LF w/baby. So, I should be feeling pretty good right? But now I really just want a personal shopper, so that I won't have these horrific morning fiascos where I think I'm going to wear something nice but end up wearing Gap pants from 3rd year opto school that seem to be fashionably ok plus a cardigan over a tank top. Ugh. How else can I buy clothes that match other things so that I don't end up with five almost-made-it outfits all over the closet floor?

Well, time to stop that monologue b/c granted, it's really not the end of the world.

But, lest you think I'm finished with this fashion rant, here's one thing to remember:
H&M is coming.

Ok, now onto the pictures...

Good morning Mom, I checked out the ads and I have our whole Sunday shopping planned. By any chance, have you heard of Best Buy? No, dad didn't tell me to ask you that.

Conor, please don't stand yet!!! Mom is not ready!!!

Did someone call me? I was in my office.

Carol's baby shower was today! Little Julia is due to arrive in 2-3 weeks. Carol's old UCSC roommates accurately commented, coming to family parties must be great, cuz then you can eat, socialize, and someone else is happy to watch your baby. Ahhh, so true...

Good thing the kids weren't watching Cal get slammed by USC. Don't watch kids!!! It's painful....

Luckily, soon-to-be big brother Jason was ready to give Conor a hug in consolation of Cal's bad day. (Yes, Conor is the meat in that hug sandwich.)

Whoa! I think that hug is getting out of control!

Still holding strong for the bears.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i feel your pain's especially hard to pull together a cute outfit when vacillating between too-baggy maternity clothes and too-tight pre-baby clothes...the only logical solution would be to a) lose weight b) get preggers again or c) buy a new wardrobe...somehow i prefer the latter (H&M, here we come!).

9:43 AM

Blogger Cindy said...

OMG Lori, that is SO true!!! I feel rather retarded b/c now that I fit back into some pre-preg clothes, honestly they are so old that there's really no reason to feel triumphant. And then, why do I care about not looking fashionable...but darn it, I do care!

12:25 PM

Blogger lf said...

H&M! i think i'm going to have to go. =p

8:51 AM


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