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Sunday, August 28, 2005 posted by Cindy

My latest craze is photos in black and white. So cool! Makes messy house background look like "wonder years"-esque clutter. But HK says, it just loses data.

We got Conor a Jumperoo- I know, once I saw Jackie in it, there was no going back. Who cares that his feet didn't touch the ground when he first went in it? Or that all he could do was slump over the toy bar and chew on the seat rim? When the kid starts jumping, the cameras will be rolling!

2nd trip to LA, this time to go to Aly's baptism. Here's big brother Dylan showing Conor the finer points of walker enjoyment.

Baby Aly and proud mama Maricel on her big day! So she wasn't that happy but by the end, most of the munchkins were crying, Concon included.

God-daddy's girl

Boo! I came home early the other day so I met the babysitter at the park. Since it was cold she'd put his froggie blanket on his head like a hat, but when I got home it had slid over his face like a little goblin!

The latest taste sensation: Super Venti Conor-ccino with (Irish) whipped cream

In a previous life I'd stay up at crazy hours to make cookies and other crafts. Oh...ha, that's right, looks like I still do that. I can't help it! So I had some trouble writing out the check for the nanny cuz i was so tired...isn't it worth it?!

Nice ending to a long week was getting together with the other mamas at our August birthdays potluck. Lots of great food. Miles must've known we were exhausted cuz I think he's giving Conor an arm massage.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

still can't get over how a fully asian baby can have such big eyes!!! love the venti pic...

1:15 PM

Blogger stacie said...

ah yes, black and white photos can do wonders for a messy home :0) I'm not saying your home is messy... but you know. Hehe.

3:09 PM

Blogger Cindy said...

Hi Lori & Stacie! don't worry, I know my house is messy! In fact, it's been known to convert from neat to messy in mere moments! Oh well, until then, my b&w's look like artsy photojournalism!

11:01 PM

Blogger Henri said...

Hey Lori I think the big eyes come from the Irish Dad

6:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha're still deluded! ;) so how did you guys like the bobby brown show? :p

8:46 PM


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