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Playdates and footprints

Monday, August 15, 2005 posted by Cindy

I had been thinking about how much I missed dim sum the other day when my friend Susanna called and said she'd just bought a bunch of dim sum from a place in the city and would we like to come over for lunch? How could I resist? Not only did I pig out but Conor got to play with Jaqueline too. And the piece d'resistance is watching Jackie in the Jumperoo. It's hilarious!

We went to do the clay imprints of Conor's feet this last weekend. We started out trying it this way. How optimistic huh.

Then back in the car seat to try it this way. Still no success.

Finally, we did it! It only took all 3 of us to make it work!

The artist rests after his creative interlude.

finished product

Free to curl toes again. Clay dust lives on in the the backseat of the car...


Blogger Henri said...

I was drunk off my ass that morning, I broke a kid's plate that he had painted his dead cat on, I tried to get the helper's phone number, I made crude comments on what else we could imprint in clay, I freaked out when they tried to get me to put out my cigarette by screaming "If there's no smoking why the f*** are we surrounded by ashtrays!", I told my kid that when I was growing up the only imprints I made were in the snow barefooted while walking 10 miles to school in Minnesota uphill both ways while carrying my sister on my back so her feet wouldnt get cold. I asked the staff how they felt about working in a Color Me Mine ripoff. I jumped on the table and screamed "You're all growsed up! You're all growsed up!" to my kid while wishing there were more people around to realize that King Kong gots nothing on me. I then asked if they had any boob shaped mugs. Don't ever call me keeper! I'm a baddasssssss (like a snake sound at the end you know...badasssssssssss). Badass.

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