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Another playdate + finally some home improvement?

Saturday, November 05, 2005 posted by Cindy

It's always fun going over to Susanna and Jackie's. Their playzone is super cool and b/c it takes up their entire living room, the kids are never cramped for space!

I didn't get any pics of Jackie in full monkey attire, but just the ears alone were hilarious! We walked down to Safeway to get Halloween candy (my philosophy: buy just enough to give out with none leftover) Unfortunately, I got back late from taking the baby out, then it was time to put him to bed, and I wasn't going to answer the door after I put him to bed, so I didn't give out any candy, and later that evening it was me, hubby, and 70 pieces of chocolate sitting in bed. Gotta love the holidays.

Just some playtime with the giraffe. This is one of the very first gifts I got from Elaine when I found out I was pregnant!

Now that HK is taking Mondays off, he's announced that we can kick off Project Landscape. For those of you unfortunate enough to be familiar with our yard, I hope there were no mental scars. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, let this serve as an illustration: I once got a crazy quote of about $1600 for a clean-up, then I told some friends that were visiting about it, she looked our yard and said, maybe $1600 is a good price! It's apparently hard to find pics online of what I'm looking for...basically a design that works well with our little rancher. So on the way home from Berkeley the other day, Conor fell asleep and I let him extend his nap while I took random pictures of ranch houses with nice landscaping from the car.

Next time (I hope): Amy Perl proofs!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

cindy you crack me up w/ your stalker ways...and all in the name of better curb appeal! i have a friend who goes even one step further...she actually gets out of her car, knocks on the door, and asks these perfect strangers which landscapers they used! maybe you could too? hehe...good luck w/ the home improvement!

6:31 PM

Blogger stacie said...

Wowee, I wasn't expecting a post so soon, Cindy! :0) It's funny cuz I saw your first picture of the ranch home without reading the caption, and thought it was yours! I thought, "wow, the house looks much different in daylight!" haha. I still don't know how you have time for all this - Supermom! :0)

10:02 PM

Blogger stacie said...

One more thing... Happy 7 month Conor! I'm on time!

10:46 PM

Blogger Cindy said...

I know, I'm totally a stalker. I figure, I'm not the only one with a little ranch and an gross yard. Seriously, I mean, I live in the EAST BAY, land of staggering mansions and ugly duckings, all within blocks of each other.

9:04 PM


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