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Mexican wedding, bedtime wackiness, footprints part II & intro to solids

Saturday, October 01, 2005 posted by Cindy

Conor started blowing raspberries this week. It's pretty funny. Once he gets going, there's no stopping him.

One of the other moms in the nanny share lent her camera to the nanny so she could get some picutres of the kids together. In the middle is Briana, 9 months and on the right is Nicolas, 12 months.

A little nibble before bedtime

already in dreamland

Pumping still sucks. The babe's getting a daily shot of formula before bedtime. And boy do those poops stink! Another mom recently told me her supply went down too! She said, "remember how before I was like, Berkeley Farms? Not anymore!"
Trying to pull the plug on the competition.

Conor went to his first wedding last weekend! He did so well we decided to let him have a little cocktail. It was a big Mexican wedding with mariachis and banda but as soon as the banda started our little guy starting convulsing! Guess it was a little too loud for him.

Brushstrokes part II: This is the really tough part. As much as I like crafts, once I'm faced with a blank ceramic, my mind goes numb. HK tried to help me out by sketching out a design on mine. Of course his came out like a masterpiece (see the stars and houses). Not suprisingly, mine came out looking like a cake.

Our ped said we could finally start solids since I was getting a bit antsy with the lack of weight gain thing. Most of it came back out of his mouth, but they say that's normal. Have you ever tried rice cereal? It's pretty bad!

Surveying the grub


Anonymous Anonymous said...

my supply went down too :( i blame it on work! cute crafts...where do you guys go to make those things? and call me a freak, but i tried ry's rice cereal & actually liked it!

4:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cindy - Hope your supply goes back up! Mine is up & down these days so I'm chugging the H2O.
From the way that Conor's eyeing that bowl of rice cereal in the pic, he looks pretty interested. Did you try the rice cereal? If so, how brave of you! I have to confess, I won't go near most baby foods (weak gag reflex) -Liz

9:49 PM

Blogger Cindy said...

Lori: yah, I'm strangely addicted to ceramic places...i love them, but I feel so un-talented.

Liz: Good work on the water! The culmination for me is downing some fenugreek with my mother's milk plus spritzed water. I see a little improvement though.

9:55 PM


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