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Middle of the night

Thursday, August 04, 2005 posted by Cindy

Well, it was my first week back at work but it went really well. Everyone was so nice and sweet, especially wanting to know how Conor was. I can't believe I was gone that long! It was actually pretty easy to get back into it, it took awhile to figure out how to do a couple things in the exam room, like change the light filter but everything else was pretty smooth. I missed Conor during the day but it wasn't bad ...but at the end of the day it was great to get home and see him!

I'm up right now at 4:30 because we (well, me really) want to sleep train and tonight's THE NIGHT. But it's not because he's been up, actually, he kinda started crying a bit at 2:30 but I didn't have to go in ... then after waiting it out he stopped after about 10 min of just light crying I figured I might as well pump and watch the Blow Out reunion too. This whole thing with sleeping started when I went to a sleep seminar on Monday. I came home convinced that Conor needed to be sleeping more and better through the night. Well, so far so good, we've got 2 more hours to go.

It's wild thinking we got pregnant around this time last year! I remember it was so exciting finding out the good news! Sometimes we call Conor the super-egg because I had no periods for more than 6 months and then we really got serious about it and conceived on the first real opportunity. So Conor the super-egg was just waiting there for his turn to go down the slide and be born!

Yep, back in the living room again. He can almost roll. He gets close but has trouble getting that arm out of the way to push up on his belly. He's getting good about sitting up for a short while

But of course gravity often intervenes and the descent begins...


With obvious propping by mom

Here's our water baby and no, that isn't his's his hernia! Which is getting lots better but it's still destined to be an outie I think.


Blogger Sam and Lori said...

conor's so cute in his overalls! good luck w/ the sleep training!

5:04 PM

Blogger Cindy said...

thanks lori! btw, I love the pics of ryan rolling! he's a champ! Night 2 is going well...Cindy

1:15 AM

Blogger Cindy said...

Maricel: I think I'm just secretly hoping that my optimism will materialize into nights of deep slumber--who knows! Is there really a benefit though?--I should be up pumping which is a pain! At least it's easy and quick. I'll email you my cell...uhhhh but what's your email? don't want you to post it...hmmm, this is oddly tricky. Does henri have it? I'll ask him in the am. Enjoy your 3 weeks and your little sweet pea! Cindy

11:05 PM


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