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Thursday, August 11, 2005 posted by Cindy

We've been superspoiled with gifts from so many family and friends but my good friends Elaine and Kayla have kept Conor in the latest fashions. This ensemble was so cute I had to put on the lei from Kayla's graduation party too.

Conor loves to christen everything with his drool. The other day I thought I saw a tooth but later I couldn't find it and no, it wasn't a milk bit. Weird.

Conor in his OWN ROOM! Yay! Sleep is coming pretty easily now for him, getting about 9 hours straight in his own crib. I'm suffering from some Ferber guilt but I think he's ok. We took off the bumper pads since I heard those were SIDS risk too, but he keeps bonking into them. We tuck him in and kiss him goodnight and he'll roll over until he's up against the side. Soon after he's asleep. Naps are still a bit tougher, but as long as we're sleeping at night, I'm not too worried.

One of the other missions is finding good noisy places to eat now with the babe. Never know when he'll suddenly revolt. We wanted to see Yumiko and Paul so we met them at Chevy's.


Blogger stacie said...

hey guys! We did the chevy's thing too a few weeks ago! haha! It was so loud there that caden could have been screaming his lungs off, and no one would care! Glad that you all are doing well! Hope to chat with you soon...

8:58 AM

Blogger Cindy said...

Hurray for noisy restaurants! My heart sinks when we walk into a can-hear-a-pin-drop place...a crisis awaits! Gotta love Chevy's, especially with those coupons! We should compile a list of tried and true high decibel places!

12:00 AM

Blogger stevebowes said...

Hi guys! I like your blog. My wife and I just joined munchkinheads and were pleased to see that we're not the only proud parents with a baby blog!

Steve & Juliana

1:30 PM

Blogger Sam and Lori said...

sounds like sleep training is going great...yay for conor! and he's looking as cute & mischievious as ever! ;)

9:40 PM

Blogger Cindy said...

Steve and Liana: glad you liked the blog! It was great to meet Liana and Sofia the other day on the walk. Nice to know we have some more new parents in El cerrito!

Thanks, Lori! Yeah, we're getting more sleep which I love. Just hard to get up and pump...not loving that. :P

10:55 PM


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