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Choos and the Chews

Friday, September 23, 2005 posted by Cindy

Real life confession: I love contests. I don't know what it is. Whether it's church bingo or business card drawings, I'm a sucker for a prize, see: the time I waited in line for the Ikea opening so I could get free chair. So when I heard that KRON4 was giving away 1000 pairs of designer shoes to kick off the premiere of "Sex in the City" I had to join in. Even better the morning show was giving away VIP passes so that you'd be guaranteed a pair of shoes. For 3 days I sent in my answer to the daily "Sex in the City" trivia question. By Friday I figured it was a long shot and forgot about it. But late Friday afternoon I got a call from KRON and they said I'd won! HK was skeptical. "Designer shoes" could be anything, although I swore they said they'd be shoes like those on SATC.

Sunday morning we're on a mission since we're also headed to Caden's red egg and ginger party. Union Square was a zoo! People had been waiting since the day before. Then they announced that they were giving away Jimmy Choos! We took so many pictures! Before the event started we drank some "cosmos" i.e. pink lemonade. Each winner got to go onstage and get their Choos from Darya and Mark, the morning show hosts. Then we could go to the "trade tent" if we wanted a different style. But most of the gals at the trade table looked sorta sad with their shoes. Suddenly I felt really bad! I didn't realize the ones we got were some of the best ones. Satisfied with our prize, we decided to get going. We didn't have the energy to play SATC trivia, get t-shirts and posters. When we left a lot of people were still in line. We could barely get anywhere cuz everyone wanted to see the shoes!

We got there early so we went and had breakfast at Max's.

Seeing the crowd at Caden's party made Union Square look like a little gathering. Wowee that was a lot of partying people! The guest of honor came over to say hi.

Opto babies...Nathan & Gloria, us, Stacie and Caden who's probably noticing Conor's bald spot!

Some other pics of the week. Checking out the nifty shadows from my mobile.

Doing some shoulder rolls.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

cindy!!! clever title...& your new shoes are gorgeous!!! you could make a pretty little profit if you sold them on ebay. ;)

8:48 PM

Blogger stacie said...

geez cindy, when you told me about the jimmy choos, I was thinking bright turquoise! The ones you got look really nice! Now you'll have to find an outfit to match the shoes and wear them to Myra's wedding!

9:24 PM

Blogger Cindy said...

hee hee! thanks guys. I figure I can go down to Ross and find a matching outfit for less than it cost us to park in the city! =P

12:30 PM


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