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Sunday, August 06, 2006 posted by Henri

Hi pEoPlz. sO my DaD asKs mE wHo i'M lisTeninG 2 thez dayz. bUt he's looKinG @ mY hAir wHen He AskS...

aNd stUpid me I saYz dAshBoard cOnfEssIonal. aNd hE flIps OuT anD cAlls me EMO. aNd he's SayS he KneW it cuz I haD EMO hAiR....

sO I figUre yaY haiRcuT time! MaYbe wE can gO to SupErCuts oR eVen pAnDaCuTz! YeAh PanDaCutS! PandACuts!!!

hmmm mAybE i'll geT a moHawk or sOme cooL stRaiGht BaNgs. DaD sAys iCan'T hAve EMO hAir beCause I'll EnD uP lIke ThIs guY.

sO I gUess nO pAndacUtz becAuse I gOt to gO to Dadcuts inSteAd(wHiCh i'm tOld iS waY beTTer tHan PandacUts). aT dAdcUtz wE liSten to a Lot oF Kings of Leon plAyeD reAl loUd.

aT dAdcUtz wE alSo geT to hEar abOut hoW muCh muSic tHese dAys hAs nO soUl aNd wE gEt to Hear aBouT Jane's Addiction iN 1989 pLayIng tHe John Anson Ford tHeater. BuT I'vE heArd thIs stOry 500 tImeS alReady bEcAus mY Dad is olD and nOt cOol.

sO I teLl dAd tO giVe me StrAight BanGs bUt KeEp tHe sIdez lOng lIke tHe BacK...aNd tUrn dOwn tHe KiNgs oF LeoN!

I dIdnT gEt aNy mOhAwK or sTraiGhtbAnGs oR EMO aNytHing. I gOt hAirCut #3 "The Alex P. Keaton" oN sAle tOday aCcorDinG to My sTylIst/Dad. He tHoUghT tHat wAz fUnnY bUt I dOn't kNow whO aLeX P. KeaTon iS beCause i'M noT 1000 yEarZ oLd

gOtsta cHeck tHe baCk. HmMm prEtty sHort. WhaTs sO wRonG wItH EMO hAiR anYwaYs?!

HmMm lEt mE tRy mY "hEllo Ladies" lOok wIth my New HairCut...Hellooooooooo Laaaaadies! nOpe nOt fEeliNg iT. ShEEzE ThAnkS a lOt dAd.

i'm gOnna Get yOu bAck Dad! YoUr gLassEs arE mOre EMO tHan mY haIr evEr waS! AnD mOm sAys you wOre Make up To thE cuRe coNcert In 1988!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice haircut conor! and it's ok, i like dashboard confessional too. :p

2:20 PM

Anonymous Jery said...

Hello mate great blog poost

9:53 PM


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