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Sunday, January 15, 2006 posted by Cindy

You have to love Latin parties. Good food, expert partiers, and lots of kissing and hugging. What could be better? No pictures unfortunately, but we had a great time. Conor especially loved seeing the kids have a good time in the bouncy house. And someone is always on hand to hold the baby at a Guatamalan party. Because first you must ...say hi to everyone (did you think I was going to say eat?) Then you must eat. A lot. Then as we had to rush to another engagement, you must then say bye to everyone. No waving the hand across a room, that's so not latin. A goodbye isn't a goodbye unless you kiss all the tias and abuelas. But it's still sad to think of a party without Tia. Just not the same. After the barrage of relatives, Tia's niece commented, remember, it's just like the Salma Hayek movie, we really didn't invite everybody!

So, my latest optometry poll would be, where are you on the open-a-bizness continuum? Are you...
1. happy where you are?
2. happy for the next 5 years?
3. happy for the next 5 minutes?
4. never was happy.
Yeah, it's always interesting, that's for sure. There's always something to dream about and then it's usually time to snap out of it or go attend to baby. I tend to think we're destined for success (strange luck borne of jimmy choos life-changing event) but HK always grounds me.

Another confession: I am a fancypants. I cannot help it. I've thought about this a lot, and I got it from my mom. She was the o.g. fancypants. It's genetic. Fancypantsitis. She was kinda ahead of her time, I think. The whole mail-order fascination, she was onto that in the 60's. The fancypants bakery. Calligraphy. Choux paste and puff pastry. The whole mind/body thing.

Had a good time talking with aunt and uncle today about why are there warring Japanese folk dancing (called Minyo) factions in SM? Turns out they're not warring, it's just friendly competition(according to my uncle). But between you and me, it's weird that my old folk dancing childhood friends' parents are at odds with each other. Perhaps after such a long time, the personality clashes were ready to bubble over and this was the way to release some of that tension. It would make a great documentary! Dancebound. Or Mad Hot Minyo! Yes, that would be hilarious! YB tells me that it's like a turf war, they look to strike into any venue or event possible. But I think it's sad that innocent grandchildren are being taken dance hostage. I thought my generation would be the last to take that. Besides, what's the big whoop tee doo over minyo? It's dancing for rain! or rice, or whatever else is needed from M. Nature right?

I'm gonna getcha!

I'm really innocent, I'd never hurt a fly.

Just scaling Mama Mtn.

ready to be a punk rocker

This is one big cheerio.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, conor's starting to look like a big boy now...can you believe he's almost coming up on a year?! as for your opto poll, i answer desire to have my own practice...tho it would mean more $$$, not sure the toil & sacrifice would be worth it (plus i'm lazy).

1:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said... something wrong w/ your comments feature...another job for HK?

3:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops never mind :)

3:58 PM

Blogger Cindy said...

Hi Lori, I guess you've learned about blogger time, it's sorta like tico time, i.e. Costa Rican time, where things don't appear to occur at when you think they will. Sometimes babies are on blogger time too i think. signed, missed that memo.

12:07 AM

Blogger sandia said...

I still think you should do some sort of "You Got Served" odori competition. Hehe.

5:38 PM


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