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Saturday, March 11, 2006 posted by Cindy

These posts are becoming quite sporadic in nature. As luck or lack thereof would have it, I finally got the call. The one that says, you've been neglecting your job since you've been attending to friends' doomed home purchases, playdates, and alumni proposals. But all is better now. I just never thought I could fall behind in my line of work. But it could happen to any new parent.
As I type, 2/3 of the family are sick, and I'm just a ticking time bomb too I bet. One of us, I'll let you guess which one, took a 2 hr nap in the late afternoon only to meekly eat some bread and homemade baby gatorade and crash out again without so much as a happy to see you great-grandma and Uncle M x 2. Tomorrow should be interesting, not sure if my baby is safe for local travel since projectile vomiting makes many destinations off limits.
Signing: So we really thought he'd mastered "all done" but now mealtimes are constant schizophrenic declarations "MORE.....ALL DONE....ALL DONE...MORE...MORE" argh.......

Not much else is new, Conor cruises now, enjoys toys that Mom and Dad haven't bought him yet, like Miles' nifty musical set. Eats tofu, peas, corn, toast, bananas, more toast, yo baby, toast and more yo baby. He dreams of a walker for his first birthday and mom dreams of always finding the right clothes for him at any given moment. One mom dream has been fulfilled though...her house is clean and her men are asleep. What bliss.

This is indicative of an inadvertent nap, i.e. the one where it was definitely not nap time and despite all measures taken to avoid sleepytime adventures it was completely futile. Normally the scratchy area rug persuades him to cut it short. For better or worse, we've reached the promised 2 nap mecca (haha, not forever though)

Conor wonders how his worldview has changed from not having an Exersaucer.

Wearing my designer sweater (more on that below) and enjoying some of the favors mom made for the mom's group Spring Fling Party

Hey, don't I know you from somewhere? Oh yeah, you're in my calculus class. Gym. Your name is Jim? (can you guess the movie?)

The end of retail abandon. Something is very wrong when your kids' clothes cost more than your own. Which is why this purchase only occurred after a very bad day. This anomalous behavior has been reviewed by internal audit and will not, I repeat, will not happen again.

Landscaping fever continues: Note the enclosed patio on this ranch home. It's screened but communicates with the street.

As Stacie would say, the kind of house you'd draw as a child. No, this isn't our landscaping idea either, but it is a nice match between house and yard.


Blogger stacie said...

Conor is so big now! Your entries are always so fun to read! I totally hear you on the mealtime adventures. For us it's "More...more...wait, are you clapping or do you want more?... no more...!" But isn't it the funniest thing that they're now communicating with us? Don't feel bad about Con's designer closet... Caden already has 3 too many cashmere sweaters! :0) Just ask if I've bought myself anything in the recent past! Conor's almost ONE! Yay!

6:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, in the 2nd pic (exersaucer), conor looks like a bonafide toddler...where does all the time go??? sorry to hear your boys are sick again...hope you don't catch it too. btw, i think i know the answer to your trivia Q...PRETTY IN PINK! john hughes rocks!

8:29 PM

Blogger Cindy said...

Stacie: Wow obviously I need to go shopping w/Caden...he's got all the cool duds! I find myself buying a lot of $10 earrings lately...weird retail purgatory

Lori: Love your movie knowledge! You're like a walking IMDB! Yeah, so in denial about the todller thing. Been reading up on those toys that delay milestones, let me know if your hear of some.

10:28 AM

Blogger sandia said...

Aw... Conor looks big, especially in the photo where he's standing! Don't beat yourself up about the retail therapy. At least the sweater is cute! ; )

8:25 PM


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