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Sunday, February 12, 2006 posted by Cindy

Sorry blog friends, for the unacceptable delay. I suppose one culprit could be named "flu nasties" because it seems that we are merely walking breeding grounds for all kinds of wonders microbial in nature. Yesterday at work, I went from feeling fine to downright pukey in about an hour. Have spent most of today in delirious semi-conscious state which has Conor very perplexed. The other culprit is just plain old lack of slacker time. Did anyone else read about how worker productivity is down for the first time since the dot com bust? And it seems that everyone knows about how people don't seem to save money anymore.

Since I'm a big blabbermouth I thought it quite fascinating to find out that the dad of J. is the creator of the American Cultures Requirement at my alma mater. Being that I was the first class that was required to take the American Cultures requirement I thought it was pretty amazing to learn about the history of it. I remember there being a lot of confusion about the whole thing. But when else could I have built an Native American dwelling? ahhh, education.

So onto the pictures. Much has happened over *gasp* 4 weeks!

Niki must have gotten the memo from Wyatt re: child labor

Very appropo Christmas gift from sandia.

Innovative cocktail party idea from HK.

A glimpse into the minibar.

The highlight of this month was our very first mom's group ski-trip! So, HK and I were the only ones actually on the slopes (for a 1/2 day) but it sure was fun to be in the snow, have super-great company and fine food (fancy bacon and kalbi) to boot! We can't wait to plan to next getaway. Call it a very long playdate, or whatever, but it was a blast!

Wondering why my butt is so cold!

Conor meets the wilderness. Thanks, Caden, for lending us the outfit!

I'd pick that up if my hands weren't suddenly not working

J. takes a ride down the snowslide created by

eagle scout dad to signing Miles

Conor wears his "heartbreaker" shirt from Miles. Sadly, our attempts at a getting a picture of the trio of heartbreakers didn't pan out. Call it lack of nap coordination or whatever, but maybe next time! Parents: do not underestimate the wonder of the baby corral! We fashioned our own from sofas and ottomans and it was great.


Blogger stacie said...

it's about time for an update! j/k. I'm glad conor could use the outfit! I can't believe you and HK were even able to hit the slopes... Lucky you!

4:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry you got hit so hard w/ the flu, but happy to see you posting again! oooh tahoe...we completely missed snowboarding season this year. :( the babies look too cute all bundled up, esp. conor!

7:57 PM

Blogger Cindy said...

Yah, it's a weird feeling when you go snowboarding/skiing and then seemingly you're not even hungry yet (b/c normally that's the cue to stop) but you're still ready to call it a day. Some might call that middle aged!

12:20 AM

Blogger sandia said...

baby michelin men/marshmallows! so cute.

12:19 AM


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