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Tuesday, August 01, 2006 posted by Henri

So me and the Mrs. have the same job because we met in eyeball school. So sometimes we get in these heated arguments about how hard it is to:

A) Run a practice
B) Stay home and raise a kid
C) Bring home the bacon
D) Run a Household
E) Remember the difference between Markovnikov vs anti-Markovnikov reactions.

Ok only I bring up E) because I once knew it and now I dont. Ok thanks to the internet now I do again (Thanks Internet!). Anyways, so we get in these arguments and it's really funny because we have the option of actually trading places most days of the week. She gets up and goes to my practice and sees my patients and I stay home with the kid. It's like freaky friday but easier to activate, well not that easy because we do have to scream "Tradesies! Ttradesies! Tradesies!" three times fast followed by a backspin, well ok only I do the backspin...Ok ok only I scream tradesies if you want to get all technical about it. The wife she just shakes her head a little and says let's switch. Well anyways what I'm getting at is that we can trade our daily lives whenever we want to see what we're missing. So the other day after doing my backspin we switched and I got to stay home with the kid and she went to work. And this is what happens when you leave me at home with the kid.

Director's Commentary:

Roomba works really well normally, but what Conman spit out was a small piece of semi-chewed string cheese that he had been squirrel pouching in his mouth for like 2 hours. It was really sticky.

Notice our coffee table is missing all of its mirror panels. This has something to do with the kid. Its now his micro jungle gym.

Manly men hang out in their underwear/daipies.

No cats were hurt in the making of this training film.



Blogger lf said...

hola! i can't seem to watch the video. it's says it's private?

maybe i'll click on some of your ads and you can make a whole quarter! hehehee...

10:41 AM

Blogger Henri said...

Hmmm ok Thanks, let me see if I can fix that. Try Now.

12:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey it works! maybe you can attach a chair on roomba so conor can ride it...

8:45 PM


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