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Happy Birthday ConMan

Friday, April 07, 2006 posted by Henri

Wow can it really be a year already? For ConMan's Birthday we had to have the traditional Chut-tol where he gets to wear this kick ass gear and determine his own destiny by choosing a fate warping object off of a table of future possibilities. Yeah sounds confusing, heres a primer.

First and foremost we gotsta check the hat.

We let ConMan spell out his own cake. Ok actually it was the bakery we chose...they're not the best spelers. But when it comes to tres leches cake we usually don't care too much about the small stuff. Actually if you look carefully it's in spanish. It translates to "Conor is a happy Bird". Deep.
Grandpa flew up to help celebrate. He's always happy to hold his successful clone.

Of course we have to have too much food. And of course all the gang came... (Continued...)

So we set up the spread.

And laid out the all important future determining objects which included a book, yarn, a ball, a pencil, money and wifi card. These objects represent future careers in rodeo, alaskan crabbing, graffiti artist, zookeeper and engineer/King of the Universe or something like that.

After a few fake outs Conman reached out and grabbed the network card.
I think this makes him a future president of something.
The whole family celebrates the future King.

Thanks Mom
Hey check me out I'm One


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great pics...thanks for sharing! ryry grabbed the computer mouse, so our boys can be techno-geeks together. conor must be so big & active now...please post more recent pics, and don't make me wait another 4 months for a post again. j/k! miss you guys!

9:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yeah, and that bird-hay cake is too funny!

11:59 PM

Blogger stacie said...

OMG, your cake is so funny. I LOVE it! Is this the first birthday cake the bakery has ever made???? I can only imagine Cindy's face when she opened the cake box and saw that one!! HAAAA!

4:26 PM


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