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Sick baby, what to do?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006 posted by Cindy

There's only so much you can do when everyone is sick. You cannot clean, you cannot eat (at least not much anyway), you hope for sleep but guess what? If the baby's not sleeping, well, we all know how that sentence ends. The culmination of all of us getting sick is realizing that thank goodness I live in a pretty decent neighborhood. Because, after the # of walks I've taken with the baby in the Bjorn, I could probably tell you how many houses still need their roses pruned for winter. (Btw, it's one. Mine) I'm exhausted, HK is exhausted, and Conor is not himself. It's strange, but he seems much like a newborn when sick. Hold me, feed me, and nurse me are the general 3 demands. Note: it is rarely change me. What is it with boys? ;) I wonder if I should call Kaiser. We already went last Thursday and it was not the first time the receptionist took my credit card and before swiping said, "Sorry, it's $50 you know" I smiled and said, "it's ok, I know, i always have the $50 discussion with myself before I make an appointment." What can you do? Kaiser is one of the cheapest plans for individual members. In fact, I managed to save myself $50 by phoning in my symptoms and got myself on the amoxicillin that allegedly gave me hives. I figure, it's $50 to have his ped look at his ears and listen to his lungs. That's worth it. Maybe someday I can work for Kaiser. Until then, I'm ok with the $50 visits. You figure, a lot of people have little to no health insurance. Many of them show up at Walmart for eye exams. Then we end up having long philosophical discussions about the state of managed health care. It's always fun. (continued...)

Onto other non-sick topics. I want to write a book! Yes, it's true, somehow overnight my head ballooned and I decided that I am indeed funny enough for the real thing. Ok, all joking aside, I really do want to write an autobiography. B/c there really aren't enough JA writers out there. There's some, of course, but only a small amount of the chick lit generation. I want to write something funny, not heartbreaking, so no, this will not be a 2000's reincarnation of The joy luck club. (Then again, if it means I get to play Andrew McCarthy's wife....) Haven't seen Memoirs yet, just so disappointed in the reviews. A sad step back for Asians in the media but someday maybe we'll get there. I'm sure Bill Cosby was deterred more than a few times before he created the Cosby Show.

I have a new phone! Yes, bad mom that I am, I let Conor play with mine. Soon enough, some drool found its way into the mic (I think) and next thing you know, permanent muting. Off to the sprint store in Pinole we went, where they are so helpful(i'm not being sarcastic here), and team associate (or whatever they call themselves) Kevin let me know that a certain repair that could only be done in Emeryville was in order. Down to Emeryville next, where trying to make eye contact with any associate was like doing tonometry on an 8 year old. Finally a hapless soul wandered into my orbit. Blah blah blah, I said, blah blah Pinole blah. He said, ok let me have the techs look at it. 2 minutes later he returned to say, blah blah broken, can't do anything. Then HK offered to save this associate from the bubbling pot of this author's anger. "isn't there a warranty, we just got it a couple months ago." He said, "well, i don't know, do you have insurance?" At this point, I started waving my hands in the air, and I recall I said something like, "you call that customer service?" I could see HK out of the corner of my eye taking the baby out of my anger radar. "I'm supposed to do what?" I went on, "contact my insurance? like, my personal property insurance?" Sales associate of the year shrugged, then went back to talk to the techies again. He came back again and said something like, we're gonna rip it apart and see what's going on. So when I got back there later, of course he avoids me like the plague. I try making eye contact with the guy next to him, but he seems to have gotten the memo on me. Mr. not-helpful helps this other woman who actually got there after me! I throw out my net and finally capture a victim. Finally, someone helpful! This one actually got me a new phone! Very nice. It's pink! Turned out he was the manager. HK warned me about not gettting Not-helpful fired but I couldn't help it. Nothing sets me ablaze like bad service. So lesson learned, don't let your baby play with the phone. Let him have a Sassy cell phone toy, instead. And a warning to anyone who gives a mom bad service!

More fun stuff: Am I the only one that knows that KPIX Channel 5 is kinda ...well stodgy? Because as we all know, KRON is actually pretty hip, what with the Jimmy Choos, Darya Folsom standing in line at H&M, and their generally young news staff. Meanwhile, CBS is known for its well, mature audience. Howard Stern's move to satellite radio was on the news yesterday and as HK and I ate dinner one of the newscasters commented, "he's so yesterday!" HK and I looked at the TV, and I realized we were watching KPIX! Then I told HK that earlier that morning, Darya Folsom was saying, "oh, I'm really missing listening to his show as I drive into work in the morning!"

Just to add more to the controversy, I was shocked to realize that some people don't even like Sex and the City! Then I realized, maybe it's the goshdarn title! Seems that it's easy to call it porn, when it's really about relationships and stuff. I guess when something is on HBO, it's easy to label it "whatever" since few people get to watch it anyhow.

What else is new? Just a laundry list of stuff that hasn't been done since everyone's been immunity-challenged. Ha ha holiday cards is one of them. I guess maybe it's good I didn't do the Starbucks theme for the holiday cards. No sense in making anyone mad. It would have been SO cute too. In case you don't know my blockbuster idea, it was this: Each of us dressed as one of the starbucks holiday lattes/drinks (eggnog, gingerbread, and peppermint mocha). Then the title reads: The Holiday K.'s are here!

Always looking for a side business idea. Perhaps LF, NK, and SL would enjoy a venture opportunity. A baby-crafts website is one idea. It's the best one, actually, since cupcake shops and other novelty retail stores tend to be longshots. How many x's would you have to sell to make $y? asks my mba husband. Usually, this is where my ramshackle business plan falls apart.

Well, I really should get to sleep. HK and I realized that the baby cycles through his sleep but whenever he drifts near consciousness, he realizes he's alone, (even though he fell asleep on his own) and cries. He easily soothes when we say shhhh. So, the new tactic is to sleep in the room with him. My idea was to set up the baby monitor backwards, i.e. parent unit in his room, but heck I'm too lazy. Maybe tomorrow.


Blogger lf said...

poor thing! i hope you all feel better soon. i feel you on the copay. mine is a similarly high price. i have to weigh the options. going out with friends or going to the doctor. hmmmmm.... hahaha...

4:47 PM

Blogger stacie said...

wowee, you posted a lot since the last time I got to visit! Love your entries - you are DEFINITELY funny enough for an autobiography! I was thoroughly entertained reading this one! I hope you guys feel better soon... I'm all in for a baby crafts company. How about baby announcements, favors, or invitations? haha. can you tell i've been thinking along the same lines...

11:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

cindy, i would SO buy your autobio in a heartbeat...i can already see the title, "memoirs of a cherry blossom queen-turned-low vision specialist-turned-mommy-turned pastry chef-turned-baby craftmaster-turned-bestselling novelist"!...just don't forget us little people on your way to the top...and here's to a speedy recovery for the kims!

11:53 PM

Blogger stacie said...

good one, lori. I think you're capable of writing one yourself!

2:33 PM

Blogger Cindy said...

yay! let's vow to buy each other's books!

4:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

aw thanks stace, but you know i'm too lazy to even attempt a massive undertaking like that! btw, you & cindy should really start up a crafty business would do so well!

4:35 PM


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