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Our first trip!

Monday, July 25, 2005 posted by Cindy

Well, I've been itching to go someplace since Conor was born and this last weekend we finally made it to LA! He was really good and was a long distance car-ride champ! Aside from some bad traffic leaving the bay area and crazy 100+ degree temperature we had a great time! Saturday was my birthday (yah another anniversary of my 29th, haha) and we went to Chosun Kalbi and chowed down.

Mom, Ellen and Dad

Back at the house pigging out on duk and other Korean goodies...who would have known that rice cake covered with chocolate and then with chocolate filling could be so good! That's really the highlight of going to Assi market...all the sweets...yum!

Conor really looks like Henri's dad. We've tried comparing Conor to baby pics of both me and Henri but check out this comparison; here's Henri's dad as a baby!

We were so happy we got to see Lori and Sam and meet baby Ryan! It was great to share parenting experiences so far! I'm sure we'll have lots more next time. Here's Lori's arms enjoying a 3lb lighter load.

At first we were worried the babies wouldn't wake up, but it was great when they did!

When we got home Henri's mom had been working on making a po-degi (Korean baby carrier). Conor kept sliding off and then when we tightened it, he got upset, farted, and then had a poop!

See you soon, grandma and grandpa!


Blogger Sam and Lori said...

we all enjoyed meeting conor (he does totally resemble henri's dad- it's the big eyes!)...ryan says sorry he was so groggy that day :p

11:44 PM

Blogger Cindy said...

No, don't worry about being groggy! Ryan needed his sleep for the big bash--hope it was lots of fun!

7:34 PM


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