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Wednesday, July 20, 2005 posted by Cindy

Ok, someone shoot me if you're like me and getting just a wee bit tired of seeing pics of Conor in our living room! Then again, you could just shoot me for posting too many pics of Conor in general. I think when I'm out I forget to take pictures and/or forget to ask someone to take a picture of us. We're happy to have our childcare lined up. As much as I like our caregiver, it is strange to think of not being with Conor 24/7. The mommies group has got lots going on! We went to a pool party today at Elizabeth's and Cameron's house(except Conor was too sleepy to wake up and get in the pool, bummer too, since I wanted to get him into his swim diapers) and we have our walks at least a few times a week.

Dad, can we stop playing footsies so I can go back to watching my g/f Jackie?

Aha! caught you watching baby Einstein again!

We went to the Metreon to see the mom-and-me showing there too! We met up with Stacie and Caden there. It was so much fun! Caden is even cuter in real life! Going back home on BART was a baffling experience. I still don't know where the elevators on Market St. are. I broke down the stroller twice in 5 minutes, once to carry Conor, the carseat, and stroller down the stairs and once to get through the carousel. Well, it was an experience.

Whoa! Lots of flash there! (still getting used to this camera)

Good times with the o-ball. It's hilarious when Conor tries to mash this into his mouth and then my grandma says, "that's too won't fit."


Blogger stacie said...

I'm honored to have my pic on your website! :0) It was really fun at the movies Cindy! Now I have to go get Caden one of those O-balls. Btw, Happy Birthday Cindy!

1:09 AM

Blogger Cindy said...

What a blast huh! We actually thought we'd make it to the baby brigade today (Mon) even tho we drove home from LA today. Are we insane?! Thank you for the bday wishes! It's pathetic but I'm forgetting how old I am!

10:36 PM


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