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Scenes from a marriage: Football

Monday, August 21, 2006 posted by Henri

[While watching the 49's lose to the Raiders this weekend]

Cindy: Whats wrong with the field?
Henri: What do you mean?
Cindy: It's brown.
Henri: Oh, yeah that's where the A's play. Its a baseball field too.
Cindy: Oh ok.

[a few seconds later]

Cindy: Why's the baseball field brown then?
Henri: [stares in disbelief into imaginary camera filming my life]
Cindy: I saw that.



Blogger lf said...

seriously. why is it brown?

maybe it's a girl thing... hahaha...

9:16 AM

Blogger Henri said...

Are you joking? Really? The brown parts on a baseball field are areas with no grass. There are parts of a baseball field with no grass. It's called the magical area of running damn fast. There is also a tiny mountain with no grass its called the looky-loo point from which to hurl baseballs. You know actually it is confusing because of the orientation of the football field onto the baseball stadium at Oakland, if you saw it in person it would make a lot more sense...but then you'd get stabbed. Go Raiders.

1:46 PM


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