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Puff Daddy Mohawk Haircut

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 posted by Henri

I'm almost there. Life is almost complete. As of 1:00 am August 23 Corndogandrootbeer is officially the number #2 listing on Google for Puff Daddy Mohawk Haircut. Thanks to a random Googleing fan of P Diddying hairstyles from Kuwait (yeah Dude I can see you) I have been enlightened to my true calling in life...becoming the number one site for Puff Daddy Mohawk Haircut. In fact I should change the name of the site to Puff Daddy Mohawk Haircut aka PDMH or pdiddymohizzy if your from the street err tha street. Now I'm not going to bash anyone's Google search combos because I've looked for Japanese-carrot-hairy-utopia as well as cheap-foie gras-duck-at-home-breeding-logistics just like the next guy but I can't stop thinking of that dude in Kuwait on the computer at the end of his day after cruzing in the Phantom blasting Diddy or old school Biggy talkin smack about Dubai and shouting Kuwaiti in da house and chilling at Google and thinking hmm now I need to learn more about that mohawk that diddy used to rock. In my minds I see him smiling with his fresh diddyesque mohawk circa 2001 or whatever cruising through Kuwait with the drop top rolls thinkin about the NYC and how if only he could be in Manhattan or LA or Miami right now he would wow the ladies with his Kuwaiti steelo. Rock on Kuwaiti Puff Daddy Mohawk Fan! Rock on my friend forever.


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