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Tuesday, November 29, 2005 posted by Cindy

So much has been going on. Thanksgiving day found me in denial of a cold, actually, I was totally clueless and arrived at Thanksgiving dinner claiming acute allergy attack secondary to ritualistic maniacal deep cleaning campaign prior to in-laws arrival. Who needs spring cleaning when you just clean when in-laws come? Come spring I will sipping a mimosa in the backyard. (haha) You know I was joking right. My backyard hasn't been seen since being attacked by an expanse of dead leaves. So, back to being sick, sorry, relatives, that you're probably all sick now. I didn't mean it. The biggest disappointment for me was my flan not being ready in time to take to my relative's house. Wretched flan. Then again, it was all fine and good when I got home. In case you ever need to know, you can turn off the oven and turn it back on again 5 hours later. Flan is very forgiving.

Well, Thanksgiving was fun as it entailed Conor being the post-binge entertainment. My grandma commented, "when Conor is asleep everyone is quiet b/c they're bored! We're just waiting for him to wake up and play again!" Too cute.

Friday HK and I worked and as you know Walmarts are not exactly places of solemn holiday observance. I was a little bummed about not making it to any sales. Saturday, HK's parents and sis arrived. We went to Yosemite and stayed overnight. Pretty neat since I've only been to Yosemite once, in the 7th grade. We took two cars and got walkie-talkies. Too bad the batteries kept dying. Somehow they took a little bath before making it into the walkie-talkies. Poor batteries, who would have known they don't like water?

When we got home I checked the Chronicle online b/c a couple of weeks ago, I talked to a reporter about a story on language nannies. It had come out that day! Kinda exciting to be in the paper. Click on the title to see the article.

Well, here's the recap in visual detail:

Got inspired by Claudia's tostadas at their Halloween party so made a few myself recently.

Getting ready to pull the tiger's tail

Imagining life as a hamster

Short visit to Napa recently. It's funny how you can go to a relatively non-descript place in the wine country and think momentarily that you're going to eat a BLT but instead you end dining pretty gourmet, i.e. my nieman ranch burger was quite tasty!

First time in the cart! It was great to not have to shop with the bjorn or stroller. I wonder if Conor enjoyed Costco as much as I did.

New parents observe the following: what you see appears to be laughable, a mesh bag attached to a handle for self-feeding fruits. But what it actually is is GENIUS, an instant fruitsicle.

When we got to Yosemite we were starving so we headed down to the cafeteria. It was Conor's first time in a high chair!

10 minutes later, it was Conor's first nap in the high chair!

Late in the day but it was beautiful at Yosemite falls.

Conor wasn't exactly wowed by the scenery.

First Christmas tree pose!

Happy Holidays from the Kim's!

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Blogger lf said...

awwww! yosemite looks like fun! =)

we were WAY too amused by conor's ad obsession... afterwards kt said..."do you realize that we were staring at him crumpling paper for over an hour?!"

i am now flan inspired! i'm going to have to make one this weekend. hahaha...

9:43 AM

Blogger Cindy said...

yah, i figured it was a long time b/c i kept passing in and out of consciousness. =) the flan is at epicurious, maple syrup flan, very creme brulee ish, not eggy/gelatin ish.

10:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks like you had a lovely (& chilly!) time in yosemite...that pic of conor napping in the high chair is my new favorite... hilarious! and i LOVE when you post pics of your delectable edibles...almost inspires me to get off my own lazy butt & bake/cook... ALMOST.

4:40 PM

Blogger Liz Radding said...

Wow, did Conor go through a growth spurt recently? He looks so much bigger in his pics...or maybe the camera really DOES add 10 lbs! ;)

4:39 AM

Blogger stacie said...

I once thought those netted popscicle things were weird, especially when they say to put chicken in them... but you're tempting me to go buy some now! Great pics this week! Were you able to do all your hiking with Conor in the Bjorn? Man, you're buff! :0)

9:00 PM


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