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Monday, June 20, 2005 posted by Cindy

Well, Conor never ceases to amaze us. Then again, we are his most captive audience. I have to give props to Stacie for giving us "the happiest baby on the block" dvd. Although Henri isn't fond of seeing Conor swaddled like a mummy it does calm him down only second best to the hearing the vacuum cleaner. My grandma just got a Dyson vacuum and we had a good time last Friday turning it on and watching Conor become an angel baby in seconds.

I started going to a parent's group that meets at Alta Bates on Thursdays. There are a lot of really nice moms there and their babies are so cute! I've learned a lot from them. Plus it's nice meeting up with people who don't care if Conor is screaming his head off. Speaking of which, it's still been impossible for Conor to take the binky. We're constantly just pushing it in. He takes a pinky finger better!

Playing in the gymini

relaxing with dad on Father's day

Time for ice cream cake!


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a smiling conor! how cute! =)

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