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Going nuts with the new camera

Friday, July 01, 2005 posted by Cindy

We love our new camera! The old one was soooo annoying at times and it's quite easy, we've learned, to justify purchases that are "for the baby." I'm going back to work in one month and I'm shocked at how quickly the time went by! The latest thing is who will take care of our baby when I go back? The cost of childcare makes you wonder how much worth is there in a second income. I'd love for Conor to speak Spanish like I did when I was a baby too. I miss Tia a lot, my babysitter, who passed away just 3 weeks before Conor was born. Lots of times I'll think how lucky Conor would be to have someone like her.

Awww geez, now I'm getting very sentimental... So onto some more funny stuff. This is Conor swaddled in his original Cindy Kim design blanket. I didn't want to spend $$ on a miracle blanket, though I am curious how the darn thing works. He was too big for the receiving blankets we had so I bought some fabric and sewed (with Grandma's help of course) some Velcro strips on it. It's ghetto-fabulous and seems to work!

This is Henri's favorite picture.

Good times at the parents group...this is Aiden who is really adorable!

Impromptu group photo

We went to see Emi, newest addition to my friend Grace's family. What a cutie!

Two bears sleeping...hmmm, or bruins?


Blogger Sam and Lori said...

ok cindy...that 2nd photo ("henri's favorite") made my day...too hysterical!!!

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