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I cannot go to sleep...grrr

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 posted by Cindy

I don't often get insomnia but when I do, I am very Very Cranky. I've tried all of the usual things. TV humming in background. Warm bath. A little reading. Bouncing bed to make HK stop snoring for a few minutes. But none are working.

Not helped at all by baby schedule all thrown out of wack from San Diego trip. Baby up at 4am today which means mom up since 4am even though most of 4am to 6am was festering in bed next to snoring HK, praying that baby will find his way back to dreamland. Which he never did. Left work in a mad hurry today b/c I could feel the last of my energy oozing out like toothpaste. Never want to run empty on energy when stuck in traffic. I had a diet Coke to prevent any mishaps. That may be why I can't sleep right now! Especially a Cranky-pants (yes, I mean I am the Cranky-pants in this scenario, not the baby!) b/c tomorrow is Wednesday, a.k.a. crazy work until 9pm day. Or should I say today, argh, today is Wednesday! Grrr...

San Diego was fun. But there were some hiccups. One was hives. Yeah, this crazy mean advice nurse from Kaiser said that I got them from taking Amoxicillin for my sinus infection. (that's not the mean part) She gave me a lot of attitude about taking antibiotics willy nilly since most likely I had a viral infection, not a bacterial infection. "too bad," she said, "now you can't take penicillins for any future infections." WTF, crazy advice nurse, i thought inside. There's a bunch o' other antibiotics in this world (so i have some healthcare education arrogance, but heck, I am an ohhhhDeeee) Suffice to say, I'm not crying over my penicillin allergy, cuz I know lots about immunology, thanks to my Very Smart husband. =)

Then, as if a higher power decided to slap me for my arrogance, I lost my makeup bag. Yeah, it sucks. After my Sephora spree and everything. Oh well. It could have been worse. I could have lost my wallet for like, the 3rd time.

So, San Diego/LA was an itchy, makeup less event, where Conor got to break all the sleep training rules and I fell asleep periodically in uncomfortable folding chairs during continuing ed due to Benadryl. HK commented, "wow, wasn't that a great vacation" on the way home! Errr, what?!

December is a crazy month. Especially now with the little man. No more shopping on the last day. No more baking extravaganzas. It's all about the things that can be accomplished in a most minute of time packets. My co-worker at the blind center said that her husband does an annual mega cookie bake-off sorta like the co-author of this humble blog. And as a loving wife, she helps with the prep/shopping/baking/packaging/delivery of the delectable little treats. I wish there was an elf to help me with the *#&% cookies! Oh, but I love cookies & baking. But this year, Lord help me, I think I have finally maxed out on my time. I am so overdrawn in the Bank of Energy Resources that I'll be lucky to eke out a few break-n-bakes (baking sacrilege, for those not in the know). So I'm probably on the naughty list for my evil thoughts about the advice nurse, but maybe LF will be interested in a cookie/craft day to save me from this DIY vortex. Sorry, no pictures, I think sleep may finally be headed my way.


Blogger lf said...

aw man! insomnia is the worst! =p hopefully tomorrow nite will be a sleep filled one. zzzzzz. i'm in for a diy/bakeoff day... i even think sandia is coming back this weekend so maybe she would be interested too! =) i've been dreaming about how many pound cakes i can fit into my schedule between now and christmas...

8:12 AM

Blogger Cindy said...

why are there only 11 days until xmas? Who is the grinch that stole the week before christmas? I was not done shopping!

1:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

aw cindy, so sorry you're having some rough nights...i sympathize w/ you on the snoring hubby thing. :p take it easy & don't stress about can always shop online during bouts of insomnia!

5:58 PM

Blogger stacie said...

Girl... I'm having the opposite problem as you! Our little party animal stays up way too late for us now! The other night in the hotel room, he was playing around at midnight... I just had to turn off the lights and sleep. I just can't hang with him! And.. the next time you get an advice nurse like that, tell her to hold on, then get me and HK on conference, and we'll teach her a lesson on immuno and prophylactic antibiotic treatment! :0)

7:22 PM

Anonymous Marshmallow Cookbook said...

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