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Thursday, January 05, 2006 posted by Cindy

An absurd amount of stuff has been going on. In this Issue: *Holidays (or holidaze as one clever soul aptly named it) *Conor meets Christmas *Conor meets up with some buddies * Cookies * Cookie madness * Trip to LA * Baby's first plane flight Well I can honestly say that I gave the holidays 110%. Meanwhile, my job and other domestic duties have suffered 90%. And what do I plan to do about this? Go and dine out thanks to and use my coupon at Azul Spa. I can't help it. I micromanaged and multi-tasked every minute of the last 3 weeks, at least. (Continues...) Then, I plan to go to Hawaii. I wish I could stay here. But I will most likely not. Christmas was very very nice. Relatives were ecstatic to see Conor in a similar fashion as, say, Raiders fans . Most certainly, Grandma only did want Conor for Christmas "all I want for Christmas is you" ala Mariah, insert slap here. Isn't that the best holiday song? K. family holiday movie dvd classics will forever be : "Elf" and "Love Actually" I wonder how Conor felt about the constant partying. Partying in the familial sense means, a truckload of food followed by board games and story-telling but now includes watching the baby examine amd sample taste all the Christmas merchandising. Cookie wrap up 2005: I must say, the Martha S. Holiday Cookie issue helped me tremedously in the way of organizing the cookie caper. Good layout, good packaging ideas, etc. I was able to make a few varieties, in a pretty short period of time. Broke down and bought the copper giant snowflake cookie cutter from Sur la Table. So very worth it. Feeling good about spotting Crate and Barrel outlet star shaped crystal dish for next year's project. But perhaps it's time to expand the cookie horizon. I've noticed that due to cookie craziness the four food groups during the holidays becomes candy, cookies, ice cream and prosciutto. Would Will Ferrell be proud? Spent New Years in LA. Very nice to see EK and in-laws, HK's college friends, and h.s. friends. Always a whirlwind of activity, cramming in the most # of people within the smallest time frame. Conor was like Sonic the hedgehog in the plane, hurtling himself between HK and me, until powering down about 10 minutes before landing. It's a good thing for pre-boarding b/c you really need it. After spending a crazy morning packing, which somehow after baby, is really, running around with your head cut off (a topic I've discussed with Stacie) pre-boarding just might prevent complete insanity. Some annoyance with ticketing agent in Ontario, who may have come directly trained from Meet the parents. "Where is your baby's birth certificate?" "Well, you should have been required to show it in Oakland" "We can be fined up to $10K and you too could be fined $10K" "Did you book online? Well it says on there, blah blah blah" Argh. HK tried to show her that Conor was less than 2 years old but she seemed suspicious. I suppose she thought Conor was an elf! (silly lady, I mean, it's just a movie!)

Conor prepares his panic room before the holiday guests arrive.

Yeah, I wish I made this cookie! Ain't it a beaut?

Yeah, this was how my cookies were supposed to turn out. Mine only had 3 substitutions! Instead of porcupines, mine were called Super Sprinkles honey almond creams. Blasted egg whites, what can be done with them?

"Hey, have you got this with a sport package?"

Alyson spots someone with her toys.

This is pretty good for a Conor + another munchkin photo! Note adorable munchkin is Dylan, soon-to-be 3 years!

So, we're not Anne Geddes but this cute idea was designed by my sis-in-law ek.

Thank goodness for quality control!

You can never get enough naked baby shots.

For Christmas Eve, HK made cassoulet! Yum...

Bleary eyed but happy to have my Sirius Radio, i.e. only way to stay connected to Howard Stern. (please don't judge me!)

First present!

Enjoying a good book! Thanks, Caden

And while I'm at it, thanks Liz for the jammies
And thanks Galen for the hat!

After a long 2 months I finally saw JM and SB. What a doll she's becoming! Here they are racing down the hallway.


Hope everyone is having a great new Year!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops i just commented on your other post (crawling video) thinking that was your only one, but then much to my pleasant surprise, i found this "hidden" one too. was suffering conor cyberspace withdrawal but yay, i'm happy now. :)

9:10 AM

Blogger Cindy said...

oh lori, you always make me smile! =) glad you liked it, and btw you and i, hope they don't reinstate the draft!

10:28 AM

Blogger stacie said...

thanks for the reminder... i need to take more naked baby shots before he gets too old! btw, I take caden to the toy store to play too!

11:20 PM


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