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Stroller Madness: Bugaboo or Quinny Zapp

Sunday, May 01, 2005 posted by Henri

Where the hell did all these cool strollers come from? So I've been trying to justify the purchase of a Bugaboo Frog Stroller for the past few months but $730 for a stroller is really hard to rationalize, even though it is really cool. Stroller or mountain bike...stroller or mountain bike....hmmmmm. (continued) Anyways then I find out that the Frog is outdated technology because there are new versions coming out. So that does it, I'm not buying a Frog if I can buy a Gecko for less. Well the Gecko is not available in the US for a while so I need to wait. SO then I start hearing about Quinny and their Buzz stroller which has auto opening....hmm sounds cool. Only available in Europe...hmm even better because those Bugaboos are starting to become really annoying anyways (literally Half of the strollers we saw today at the Marin Baby's 'R Us were Frogs which really shocked the crap out of me). So what I really wanted is a cool stroller that isnt covered in gigantic plastic fenders. Also lightweight and compact would be nice. The Quinny Zapp was perfect because it folds up to next to nothing. So it arrived from Europe a few days ago and boy was I happy

Dang small folded up

We also got a Maxi Cosi Car seat which clicks into the stroller. Damn Im such a dork.


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