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Big Time Catch Up

Saturday, May 21, 2005 posted by Cindy

I'm already 6 weeks old! Time is flying fast. My mom figured out how to post pictures so we're going to have quick recap of my latest antics...

I got this scabby stuff on my eyebrows! Freaked everyone out! Got shuttled off to Kaiser and found out it's really just cradle cap but on my eyebrows. It's a lot better now.

Mom's first Mother's day complete with orange crepes and tater tots! Hey Dad, where's mine?


Later we headed over to San Francisco and saw some relatives including great grandma.

I'm working on my neck muscles

But it can be exhausting!

I met my second cousin, Galen, when he was visiting from Arizona. I can't wait to run around and play like him!

My favorite version of tummy time is napping on daddy's tummy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Conor (like he can read blog comments)! Yay for posts with pictures!


3:36 PM


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