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Tuesday, May 22, 2007 posted by Henri

After turning 2 something changed in my boy. I was expecting tantrums and little baby switchblades pulled on us when asked to sit nicely or not carry the cat by the tail. But while cringing in anticipation for all hell to break loose something strange happened. Language. Communicating with your kid is absolutely hilarious. Especially when he speaks selective Spanish. Our nanny speaks to him in Spanish only and it turns out she's the only person he'll speak Spanish to. The only Spanish he'll share with us is Ocho.


But every now and then he'll slip up and answer Si when I ask him a question.

"Concon do you want to eat a ninth bowl of Rice Crispies?"
"What? Did you just say Si?"
"What did you say?"
"Yes please"
"No I heard you say Si right?"
"What did you say then?"
"Yes please, Rice Crispies."
"Can you say Si, Rice Crispies?"
"Daddy entiendo Espanol OK?"
"So can you say Si again?"

And then there's bedtime. Time to try to list every person you can name in the entire world

"Nite Nite Concon"
"Ninite Daddy...Ninite Momma, Ninite Joden, Ninite Mioose (Miles), Ninite Hanna, Ninite Abgail, Ninite Ryan, Ninite bear, Ninite Toby, Ninite Moomoose (Musu), Ninite Spencer, Ninite Dinono (Dinosaur), Ninite Tigger, Ninite Eyore, Ninite Star, Ninite Air, Nininononaneeno (Night Night Noises Everywhere)"

And that's it. That's the entire list of everything in the world that my kid currently can think of at night to say goodnight to. Seven Humans, one cat, two trains, one astral body, three stuffed animals, and the Air itself. In fact I think I'm going to end all my phone conversations from now on with Nini-nono-na-nee-no.

What's the funniest thing your kid says?

Nini-nono-na-nee-no Everyone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

funniest thing ryry says is "big go-choo in there" as he points down to his diaper. sam swears he never taught him that!

2:20 PM

Blogger Henri said...

When I say that my wife laughs too

2:58 PM

Anonymous Pacetone said...

Great ppost thanks

10:56 AM


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