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The Great Paternity Leave of 2007: Best Thing on TV

Monday, April 16, 2007 posted by Henri

I'm a TV junkie, always have been since I was a tiny child. I had a black and white set in my room at the age of 8? The one with the dial...the dial that you lost and you were SOL with a pair of pliers to change the channel. TVs back then we're tre cool in the fact that when you turned the set off you watched the screen get sucked out into a tiny little point in the center of the screen before going away. You could hold a metal chopstick in one hand and charge yourself up with all the TV static and then go look for your sister. You had VHF and UHF. Why the hell were there so many UHF channels? Like from 14 to 69? Only like three of them worked. PBS and PBS and then another PBS station. I remember the best thing in the world at the time was watching the Sunday night movie on ABC where you catch a Herbie movie or see James Bond. To this day I can not fall asleep unless the TV is on. Somehow as a kid I was able to reach out in that last moment before falling asleep and push that clacking on/off switch. I wouldn't want to risk losing my TV from leaving it on all night.

The reason why I mention this is that
1) Craig Ferguson is the best thing on TV
2) Blogs are odd

Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show is seriously the Best thing that I have seen on TV in a really long time. This man is hilarious, but what I really love is the fact that you feel that he really is letting it all out and is unafraid to share a piece of himself with the whole world.

Which brings me to Blogs. We all know that Blogging is a hilarious blip in Pop culture that will define and date the 2000's just like Texas Hold'em and the Home Improvement movement. VH1 will have shows where D list celebrities say "Remember Blogging?! Hahahahahaha" For the sake of our kids most of the blogs will be gone because if you though you had a rough adolescence, imagine our children having their parents' Blogs out there available for all their friends to read...what a nightmare.

"Hey Johnny, your Dad really Loves you huh? Yeah I read his blog, it's precious dude."
"Yo Jin, your Mom's really worried about your acne huh?"
"Hey Etta, I didn't know you had so much trouble being potty trained. The pictures really helped me understand your parent's plight back then. See I made them into this T-Shirt I'm wearing."

And professionally there is something insane about putting my life out there. But as publicly accessible as blogs are...they are by nature very personal. And when you read one, you are in someone else's space. And although my professional life is very different from my family the end it's all my life. The good, the bad, the proud and the embarrassing. You get to know all sides. In the end I hope it's the humanity, caring and appreciation of family that helps my patients understand who I am and what motivates what I do. And if they fail to see that...c'est la vie. I love this world, I love this life, and more than anything I love my family. And I'm not afraid to share it with whoever wants to stop by. Which brings me back to Craig Ferguson. A great man (NinjaDad) once said, make this world miss you when you are gone. When I saw Craig Ferguson's tribute to his father on Television I couldn't help but be moved. It really is, in the end, all that matters...a son's tribute to his father. Perhaps life's greatest measure.



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I love your blog. It is so sweet.
Baltimore, Maryland

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