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Sunday, May 20, 2007 posted by Henri

Oh dear old college coffee table, you were so magnificent in youth. Like the Viking north, you steered the course in a sea of sheer madness, chaos, and entropy to offer a safe harbor for pizza or beer. How your faceted 1980s beveled mirror inserts reflected the beauty of popcorn acoustic Westwood ceiling. How sturdy you were in an onslaught of accidental college butts accompanied by the far off yell of "get your ass off my coffee table bitch". How you moved gracefully from Westwood to Brentwood to Berkeley. How impervious you were to random fluids. How you sat silent and noble despite the indignant chorus of "Dude why are you keeping that ratty old table?" Most importantly, how you've watched me grow. My friend, it has been a wonderful ride. And in the twilight of your days when others would cast you aside, I can not help but reach out to you, protect you. And with my router, some paint, and Beech, you are reborn. And most importantly, loved again...

The Mighty North Reborn



Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! nice job! you can make it a sandbox too!

8:22 PM

Blogger Sam and Lori said...

what an ingenious way to reduce/reuse/recycle...conman must be lovin' it! (of course we went the easy/lazy route & bought a used thomas tabletop off craigslist.)

11:37 PM


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