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The Great Paternity Leave of 2007: Day Theday

Tuesday, April 17, 2007 posted by Henri

So during the fantastic paternity leave of 2007 I am still enrolled in business school but oddly enough I decided to cut back to one single class. And it meets once a week. Have you ever had a one day a week week? You condense all of the dread that you have for the start of your work-week and unleash it all upon one little morning. I woke up today thinking...poop poopy kakka-poopy hell (its how I cuss now) it's the start of the week. And I had this strange urge to watch The Road Warrior and drink beer. Don't ask me why. It just seemed right. Drink beer. Watch The Road Warrior. I don't even own The Road Warrior. I would have had to rent it on my way to buying beer. But not today...because today was Theday. Time to face the rigors of my one day workweek. err school get the idea. So off I go to class for about 3.5 hours and suddenly there it is...the end of my workweek. Time to go home and start the 6 day weekend. I can get used to this people. I'm just going to continue living this lifestyle until I run out of money. Ok back to work. Damn that was fast. Anyways speaking of work...I wanted to share this little Will Ferrel clip because it reminded me of when I worked as a Landlord for the Parental Empire



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