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Top Ten Ways to Tell You Might be a Crappy Dad

Friday, April 22, 2005 posted by Henri

10. You keep wondering if there is a burrito out there somewhere bigger than your baby.
9. You insist you read somewhere that Guinness makes babies grow strong.
8. You can't wait until your kid has enough hair for a mohawk.
7. You question what relevance the APGAR score will have on college admissions.
6. You can't stop teaching your baby the 8 clap (Go Bruins)
5. Your wife has to teach you that "Shut Up" is not a nice thing to say to the baby no matter how cute you say it.
4. You mock your baby's weak Madden skillz (in yo face kid).
3. You constantly assess which babies your baby could beat up (not many, my kid's early, But Im sure he could kick the crap out of a snail, a pillbug, or a baby mouse).
2. Your wife had to stop you from naming your kid Miketyson Coletrane Travis Lee.
1. Baby Forehead Snooze button still not working.


Blogger lf said...

how many burritos big is conor now? one and a half? or maybe two? ;-)

8:02 AM

Blogger Henri said...

He's like definitely in two burrito territory now. He would definitely be a bean burrito...mucho gas.

9:24 PM

Blogger lf said...

a burrito story... if you're interested... hahaha...

2:33 PM

Blogger Henri said...

That burrito story is hilarious. I've linked it to the top ten.

10:29 PM


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