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Does This Mimosa Make Me Look Fat?

Saturday, September 08, 2007 posted by Henri


You know what parents need? Alcohol. Ok maybe. Alright maybe not. Breastfeeding mothers sometimes skip on the alcohol. So what do Dads do when the want to drink girly mimosas all morning and then beer and then whisky at night? Ok maybe just two mimosas. Ok and I’m cutting down on the beer. Alright just one whisky at night. Jeeeeze has no one around this house ever read Leaving Las Vegas!? Let a man have a drink fer chrissake. Oh sorry my wife just informed me that “Let a man have a drink fer chrissake!” was not the take home message from Leaving Las Vegas. Touché. What was I talking about? Ahh yes girly mimosas.

Nothing is better than spending a lazy Sunday morning drinking mimosas and eating crepes. If you’re gay. Errr… me. Damn. So the biggest problem with having mimosas is the fact that you have to pop an entire bottle of champagne. That means someone has to drink said bottle. Nothing screams brunch party foul like the one dude drinking an entire bottle of champagne by himself. At home. So as I was pondering my fate and getting ready to pop a big bottle of champagne, I remembered that I had these little Sofia Minis that I kept in the bar downstairs for champagne cocktails. In case any of my visitors requested a champagne cocktail. Not that I would drink a ….oh nevermind. So for all you gay dads that need to make a small amount of mimosas I recommend the highly awesome: Sofia Mini. Plus it comes with a little coke straw.

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Blogger Yaniv said...

Wow. Champagne in a can.


7:20 AM

Blogger Whit said...

I like mimosas too.

8:20 AM

Blogger Henri said...

I am always 1000% classy

Who'd like a Riunite on ice?

8:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Orange whip? Orange whip? Three orange whips"

Yes, the unfortunate reality is that any sunday brunch cocktail other than a bloody mary pegs you as a girly man. Not sure how to get around that unwritten law...

3:22 PM

Blogger Henri said...

Whoa now. Let's not get too crazy and start talking mad crap about wine in a box. WIAB has come a long way baby. Now if only they could get Orange whip in a box...

9:09 PM

Blogger Henri said...

"Let he who hath not Justin Timberlake tickets throw the first stone" ---Justin 8:7

9:17 PM


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