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The Never-Ending list of Rejected Children’s Books

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 posted by Henri

Our Friend Mr. Rattles

Fun with Dog Water

The Sun Looks Funny

Fun, Fast, and Easy: Driving a Schoolbus

Slingshots go Backwards Too

Livingroom Campfires and Other Rainy Day Fun

Guess that Flavor!

En Fuego: Bottle Rocketry 101

McDonalds is Magic

The Spears Method

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Blogger Henri said...

Punches and Kicks: When Words Don't Work

10:35 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Divorce: it's all your fault.

11:22 AM

Blogger Henri said...

Are You There God? It's Me Keith Richards

11:38 AM

Blogger Whit said...

20,000 Leagues Under the Toilet

1:39 PM

Blogger Henri said...

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Velvet: Bedtime Tales by David Lynch

9:10 PM

Blogger Henri said...

Chika Chika ABCDeeznuts

9:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do Rx's Say Goodnight?

Bendadryl: Quiet Time for Mommy and Daddy

How 9 Seconds Turn Into 9 Months

Poop: the untold story

Scoop the Poop: the family dog

Goodnight Moonie: it's not a cult, it's a club

9:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whining: How to avoid more siblings--a primer

Southpark Bedtime songs for kids

The story of Breastmilk: Yes, you did

Saturday morning Rollcall: Sleep is for Weenies

How Hot is Hot? The history of children and chili

12:11 PM

Blogger Henri said...

The Jackson Method

2:57 PM


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