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Because Mickey Loves You

Saturday, July 14, 2007 posted by Henri

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Blogger honglien123 said...

Go baby J! Soon you'll look that camera guy right in the eye.

Love the hair btw, you're a cutie.

Happy Belated Anniversary to your mom and dad.

11:08 PM

Blogger Hanh said...

lol i hope she beats you up for that one when she grows older.

da na naaaa

8:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

j's head is not nearly as big as what we call:

1. happy anniversary.
2. she is too cute.
3. our generation is totally going to traumatize our kids with photos and mini-movies - can't wait 'til i get to put the wedding movie together . . .

8:39 PM

Blogger Unknown said...'t....lift.

8:47 PM


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