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Thanks Jeff

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 posted by Henri

Just wanted to say thanks to Jeff Yang for mentioning us in the San Francisco Chronicle website article on Asian American Fathers.

Here's the full post I submitted to Jeff...

On being a father….

As a Korean American I have the burden of the genetically ingrained draw towards pathos that simultaneously makes all great Korean film ridiculously tragic and all sons of Korean-American Fathers workaholics. If I am not suffering for my family, then I am not trying hard enough. It’s how I show love. Now it was easy for first generation Korean-American immigrant Fathers to suffer; everything was difficult. For me, however, looking for dragons to slay for my family’s benefits means being a doctor that works 6 days a week and still goes to night school while contemplating when I’ll start my Law degree. What’s next, the pursuit of Cage fighting? We are fortunate enough to be financially stable, but I just can’t stop looking for some way to work harder. This is the true Sisyphean burden of the Korean American Experience. Ahhh that wonderful aching feeling of knowing you can not possibly work any harder for your family. All the while they are sitting at home wishing they had their Father around more. The greatest sacrifice I can truly make for my family is to stop trying to work so damn hard. Hmm maybe cage fight training can be done at home? I think I’m on to something here….

What I’m Doing on Fathers Day….

I’ll be trying to build a house for my family with my own two bare man hands. Ok maybe it’s just a picket fence but it’s in the whole build-a-house-with-my-own-two-man-hands genre of activities. I think I’ll be working on a fence, followed by firing up my smoker which incorporated the holy trinity for Fathers: Fire/Meat/Beer. Then I imagine there will be a lot of rib eating and kid chasing. Laughing and giggling. Burping and screaming. And above all else, me looking across the wacky chaos towards my wife and mouthing the words “thank you” and “I love you”

Thanks again Jeff.


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