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Can My Eyes Stop Bleeding Now?

Sunday, February 18, 2007 posted by Henri

Man oh man I hated the colors on this blog for a really long time. It's strange this blogging thing. This place started, like most parenting blogs, as a place to share photos and news with a few family and friends. Now believe it or not, it generates enough money in ad revenue alone to provide for my entire family, hundreds and thousands of calories through at least one box of cookies per year. Last year's ad revenue alone allowed me to pick any box of cookies whatsoever in the cookie section of Safeway, hell I didn't even look at the price. Living large my large.

In all seriousness, it's really awesome having people care enough to take time in their day to stop by here for a giggle or two. The evolution of these things is really interesting because at some strange point you stop and think...holy crap you mean people are actually reading this? Like people I don't know? And then horror of all horrors one day a stranger approaches you and says...Henri? And that's when I say how the F-ing hell stupid am I to use my real F-ing name.

My name is Henri Reginald Wallace Jones the III. I live in Berkeley. I am a Vetinary NeuroOphthalmological surgeon and I have this chronic condition in which I cannot stop being a smart-ass and liar.

OK ok...seriously. If I had thought this through I would have come up with some dope-ass handle. Maybe it's not too late to go underground. Here's some ideas I been kicking around.

Stranger in a Dad Land

Damn I know...too original. What was I here to talk about? Oh yeah...

The blog is whitish now.



Blogger daddy in a strange land said...

"The blog is whitish now."

[shakes head]


2:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excuse me. You forgot:

Suburban Piss

Good luck going underground.
Love the blog, whatever you decide your dope-ass handle shall be.

4:29 PM

Blogger Henri said...

Thanks .5Mama,
It's nice to see a new reader stop by, oh wait excuse me one second...

Yo Diesel, Shaddup! I'm trying to runs a serious blog here! There's no room for your head shaking comments. I can't help being white! I'm an Irishman born into a Korean body. I'm transethnic mang.

...oh so back to what I was saying. Right. Thanks for the kind words and please come by again.

8:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear III,
did the caustic wit allow you to survive I & II?

12:33 PM


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