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Sex and the City and the City and the City

Friday, January 19, 2007 posted by Henri

Understanding Women: Sex and The City

Difficulty level 3

Given the Following:

1) My Wife. Educated, smart, pretty, funny, educated, and has indeed gone to college and did I mention she was smart.

2) My Wife owns every episode of Sex and The City on DVD.

3) My Wife knows how to use a DVD player.

4) Our home has four DVD players.

5) We own 6 TVs.

6) My wife has watched over 1000 hours of Sex and the City including every episode multiple times long long ago.

Answer the following question:

How many episodes of Sex and the City are Tivo'd Today?

Answer: 6. WTF? Don't we own these things? On DVD? Unedited? We actually have to Tivo them too?

Bonus Question: How many versions of the same episode are Tivo'd?

Answer: 3. TBS version (moderately Censored), Regular syndicated TV version (Heavily Censored), and Regular syndicated TV version from 3 months ago (set on DO NOT DELETE).

Super Bonus Ultimate Question: Will my wife also stop to watch any Sex and the City Episode while channel surfing?

Answer: Every Single Frickin Time

Stupid Question: Is there any chance in Hell that this woman could ever possibly lose a Sex and the City Contest?

Of course not


Anonymous Anonymous said...

gee, bitter much, henri? i think letting cindy watch SATC to her hearts content is a small price to pay considering she bore you a son. ;)

btw, sam read your last entry and ended up having salami & cheese for lunch the next day...who knew your blog could be so influential?!

8:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe another approach would be more...productive. that blonde bimbo on SATC is always giving hummers and geting laid--does that ever provide a lead-in for henri-cindy activities?
BTW, I don't find that show funny in any way, but I dont have ovaries either...

10:04 AM

Blogger Henri said...

Oh wait I don't mind the fact that she loves SATC and watches it all the time. But I remember the first time I saw her watching the syndicated version live on TV and trying to work out the logic in my Man Brain. I couldn't figure out why she would still watch it if she owns it, tivo's it and has already seen it a billion times.

But then just thought about the male version of repetitive watching disorder or as I call it the violation of the law of diminishing returns...for me it's Scarface. I'll stop every time to watch it and I've seen it a million times. The only movie I've watched more than Scarface is Friday. And I've probably seen Friday twice the amount I've watched Scarface.

10:25 AM

Blogger Rob Barron said...

Yeah, I'll do that with movies. If I'm surfing and Pulp Fiction is on (any Tarentino film, really), I'll stop and watch it.

And I own three versions of it - one on VHS, one regular DVD, and an anniversary edition DVD.

I think I do this because finding it on TV is sort of treat. That and you don't have to get up and load the DVD player :-)

12:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like me and my Diehard problem. I own it and, yet, cannot stop watching it if I catch it while channel surfing. It's a curse, really.

3:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm totally like that with movies.

ps: the last season of that show was alright. not worth the first however many crappy ones, tho.


1:59 PM

Blogger honglien123 said...

Rob is right you's because you don't have to get up and load the DVD player.

5:23 PM


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