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Jadis, si je me souviens bien, ma vie était un festin où s'ouvraient tous les coeurs, où tous les vins coulaient

Thursday, January 04, 2007 posted by Henri

Of all thoughts to share this tiny space with, when everything I have accomplished and endured has passed. As I reflect upon a life so rich, dark, sweet and triumphant, I think back to that cold December day. I could not have been but more than two years old. My father seemed so tall, my mother so beautiful, as they carried me through the cold and around a corner, the music growing and chasing the frost, I saw the lights of the carousel through the eyes of a child. The colors and animals, the mirrors and frenzy, the music and laughter. Paper tickets my first currency. This is was my earliest memory. Sweet and rich. And with it I tasted a love for this world. And as I look back on all of it now, all the giant robots I fought, the spaceships I piloted, the small countries I ruled with an iron fist, I can't help but remember the winter of 2006; that small moment in time when I first smiled upon this world and watched in amazement as it smiled back at me.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really sweet, Henri. Is Metrodad your twin brother?

9:28 PM

Blogger Henri said...


12:21 PM

Blogger honglien123 said...

Happy New Year Henri!

1:21 AM

Blogger Henri said...

Thanks Honglien! Happy New Year Everybody!

5:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey henri & cindy! been meaning to ask you about #2...boy or girl???

and thanks so much for the playdoh & zoo puzzle...ryry's having so much fun w/ them! (sorry, too lazy to write thank you cards this time)

9:17 PM


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