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Wednesday, November 15, 2006 posted by Henri

You know it was a lot easier when no one read this blog. First of all, back then my wife would actually post stuff. Second of all I could go weeks and weeks without posting anything and not feel bad at all. But today while I'm working my ass off during the week from hell at the clinic and coming home to work on MBA bullshit for a project tomorrow I thought....hey my poor blog is so stale I better go post something. OK ok all that stuff about work is a lie I'm actually in line to buy a PLAYSTATION3 and have been here for 1 week. Ok ok no actually that was a lie....I just like to daydream sometimes when things get busy. The other day in fact I thought about what I always think All the great great food that I'm surrounded by here in the culinary Valhalla we call the Bay Area. So I had a total Alice Waters moment when I opened the fridge last week and saw a little baby food container that our nanny left behind. We have a nanny share so sometimes other babies are at our house...and so in our fridge is a little container and I realize that it is locally produced organic baby food. Not just organic, it is Catalan Farm Cauliflower Puree. Now if you're not from the Bay Area, we take food a little seriously here. What was funny was the fact that I didn't really think about how necessary such a fine food product was for babies, I just thought "thascool" and I closed the fridge. It's not enough to be organic it also has to be locally grown and I need to know which local farm it came from. Here are the other offerings...

Riverdog Farm Butternut Squash
Solano Avenue Farm Japanese Sweet Potato
Pomo Tierra Farm Bosc Pears
Serendipity Farm Carrots
Happy Boy Farm Sugar Pie Pumpkin

And that's just stage 1. Hmmm I've been here toooo long. But anyways, before our baby was born me and the wife ate out a lot. Our restaurant bill matched our mortgage as highest monthly expense. When I think of all the restaurants we used to go to and the incredibly backlog of places we need to still get to one day, I tend to remember the smaller places. And the other day I was thinking about Shalimar in the Tenderloin. It's easy to remember Shalimar because we had Brain Curry there and also I came 10 cm from getting pissed on in the Tenderloin. Now I'm not trying to talk crap about the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, but I just don't like getting pissed on. But the Brains were very very good. I never really liked brains before, growing up in LA you could get them in tacos at a lot of places, but really I think curry is their best vehicle. Oh yeah....sorry to ramble. I really just wanted to jot a quick note to tell people I'm still alive and as soon as I get my PLAYSTATION3 I will have plenty of time to update my poor blog. Errr I mean as soon as my MBA project is over and work settles down that is...I am not in line right this very moment waiting to buy a $600 toy. And if I am in line...hell NO you cannot have cuts.


Blogger honglien123 said...

Dude, if you weren't in line to pre-order weeks ago you're out of luck on the PS3. Might as well get a 360 in the interim and pay a kid $35 to hack it for you and burn you a ton of games (not that I'm actually advising any such illegal activity). The 360 has a pretty good collection right now.

In terms of the blogging thing, eh, it's all just a procrastination activity anyway. I just check here to wonder how where you got your kid that great monkey costume. BTW, in Viet "con" means child or one. So con monkey = one monkey; monkey con = monkey child/baby. Anyway, when I read ConMonkey it made me chuckle. Yeah, I think I should get back to work too.

11:07 AM

Blogger Rob Barron said...

If you are in line, pick one up for me and send you a check (or paypal your account).

12:30 PM

Blogger Henri said...

Ahh yes the great monkey costume is thanks to our friend and FayeDunaway's wife, NancyPants who just happens to have a background in the theater arts and has the skills to whip up such awesome goodness. If its good enough for the San Francisco Opera its good enough for my kid. Thanks NancyPants!!!!!!

1:08 PM


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