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Vacation all I ever wanted, Vacation had to get away

Thursday, October 26, 2006 posted by Henri

Hey guess what? We're going on vacation. And I don't mean like those 1 day getaways that my wife has had to put up with for five years...

Henri: Pack the car we're going on vacation.
Cindy: Wow where to?
Henri: Any place on the face of this planet that's within 30 miles baby!
Cindy: You're the best!
Henri: And we have to be back by nightfall.
Cindy: Yippee that's like 12 whole hours of fun!

Nonono no this time we actually are taking more that one day off. And as you could tell by how slow this blog has gotten lately (sorry folks) I need a vacation from blogging. So we're packing up the kid, jumping on a plane, and flying off to the pacific northwest to attend the wedding of one of our eyeball classmates. This will also let me enjoy the wonderful gift that we as parents are blessed with with the birth of our children...taking them on planes. Don't get me started about flying with a kid...OK ok for the first time ever I am actually not going to start this time because I am officially on vacation. So before we take off I wanted to share the simple joys of being the Dad of Conman.

Constar and Bri...looking like an old married couple...Hey dude make a move...Hmmm...ok we got to work on your aim a bit...
OK that's a bit better...
Hmmm sorry I haven't taught you much about girls yet Con...maybe because we're always so busy practicing drinking...

Oh and to add to the random nature of these little family time gems...the other night me and the wife were stunned to see my long lost twin on TV. We had to take a photo for posterity...

We'll send a postcard from Portland.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved this post, dude. Teaching Constar how to pick up chicks and say, "kanpai!" is awesome. As for your television doppelganger? That's a little freaky. Is he related in any way?

Have a great vacation.

7:34 AM

Blogger honglien123 said...

How cuuuuttte! Yeah, the aim is bad but at least he's not drooling.

10:26 PM

Blogger MrsFortune said...

Wow that guy looks so much like you. Is it Metrodad?

Flying with kids? I'm about to undertake my first adventure in that area, on Thanksgiving, with my 6 month old. Any tips would be appreciated- tips or prescription sedatives. Either one.

6:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Henri, George Kiriyama is a good friend of mine. I'm going to e-mail a link of this post to him. I'm sure he'll agree to the similarities. :) Nina (AKA "Superha")

10:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


This is George Kiriyama from NBC11 News. My friend Nina sent me this link to your blog.

Way too funny! I don't know about being an *exact* twin...but you would pass for a Kiriyama any day! :)

Actually...could you fill in for me next week? :) LOL!

11:47 PM


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