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Son Meet Hockey

Saturday, June 13, 2009 posted by Henri

“What’s that?”
“It’s the Stanley Cup Final”
“What’s that?”
“It’s called Hockey”
“How come they---
“How come you yelled?”
“How come NONONONONO?”
[heavy breathing]
“No Yelling Daddy!”
“It’s called Hockey”
“Ok Dad”
“See the puck?”
“It’s right there”
“Now it’s there”
“It’s there now”
“See it? It went there”
“Ok there it is there”
“I See it!”
“Ok they have to hit it into the net”
“And they ride ice skates”
“It’s like futbol”

[1:32 seconds pass]

“No Yelling Daddy!”
[heavy breathing]
“Mommy says how come there’s no goalie?”
“They pull the goalie to have more offensive players”
“But DAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaad”
“Yeah Buddy?”


“Dad they’re fighting!!!!!”
“No son they’re hugging.”
“How come?”
“Because they won the Stanley Cup Finals”
“How’d they win?”
“They scored two goals and the other team only scored one”
“That’s not enough Dad”
“Dad that’s only 3”
“Yeah 3 goals total, but one team has 2 and the other team 1”
“That’s not enough that’s only 3”
“You just have to have more goals than the other team to win”
“Because they got it into the tent?”
“Yeah they got it into the tent more”
“Now the other team is sad?”
“Yeah son they’re sad”
“They crying?”
“Yeah maybe, but it’s ok”
“It’s OK to cry?”
“It’s always OK to cry when you lose the Stanley Cup Finals”


“Dad I want to play Hockey with them!”
“With those guys?”
“Do you know how to ice skate?”
“Then you can’t play”
“I have to Ice skate first?”
“Yes, and you have to have a beard”
“A beard?”
“Yes, it’s in the rules”
“Ok let’s count beards”




“Dad I think I like Hockey”
“I think I like you”
“I like you too Dad”

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Blogger jjdaddyo said...

Wait 'til he goes to his first game in person. I still remember seeing my first at Madison Sq Garden.

12:37 PM


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