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Your First Day of PreSchool: Today You Are a Man

Thursday, September 04, 2008 posted by Henri


Today you are a man. Childhood is over and it's time to stare life squarely in the eyes and say defiantly, "My man-ness has no equal, my ferocity no joints".

This summer I finally ended my academic career, and today I packed you up in the morning to begin yours, and like some long distant nomadic son of Ghengis I gave you some figurative yak milk as you mounted your little horse and rode over the steppe with birds um...taking flight and singing and the early morning laggard stars scarring my retinae as they burn themselves out prematurely solely to highlight the beginning of your destined journey to greatness. Your yak milk consisted of a juice box, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and some grapes. Your horse was a walmart carseat in my old jeep.

Your preschool is an academic powerhouse. Stealthily disguised as "Play-Based", it kicks Montessori in the nuts with programs in engineering, chemistry, leadership, math, and social sciences. has legos, paints, blocks and a playground. Your mother and I had dressed you in the finest warrior garb, your green hill gorillas shirt. You were also equipped with a nap bag, a construction blankie and a billiard ball themed pillow that you had carefully selected at the fabric store.

You carried your yak milk tightly in your lap as we made our way over the hills and towards your school. We parked and made our way into the place packed already with little fellow warriors. We were greeted by your new leader. We put away all of your little items in various little cubbies labeled with your name. You saw a lego table. You got to work.

Afghanistan soon arrived with daughter Nanas in tow. He had a video camera. So did we. You smiled at your friend Nanas, we were glad you guys could be together on the first day of school. We said our goodbyes. You barely looked up from the legos. You were now in a time-out free zone for the rest of the day (your school is progressive that way). Good luck. To the school I mean. Good luck school.

You are now the primary decision maker in your new realm. You're on your own. You have the freedom and responsibility to choose your own activities. Paints vs legos. Blocks vs. Story time. Little Car vs Tricycle. Punch vs Kick. You are now your own little man. Now as much as I realize that this freedom tastes like honey from tiny golden bees feeding solely on wild aspen must realize that you are now holding tiny little reins to a gigantic beast of an ox named YourLifeDude. So get a grip son. Get a good grip and never let go.

And as you take that first ride over the nearest hill, know that one day you will pass me heading the opposite way. And as we pass, if you ask me what lies ahead, I hope to whisper to you something wise and valuable. I'm not sure today what that message will be...but if I had to take a guess I think it will be simply this. Beauty, son. Beauty lies over that hill. Hold on tight and try to find it.

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Blogger Yaniv said...

That's one hell of a metaphor you've got going on there.

2:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmmm. Yak milk.

3:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mom wants you to email her more pics!

5:08 PM

Blogger Whit said...

Even Ghengis gave his kid chocolate yak milk.

10:23 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Hm. This makes me wonder: did I become a woman on my first day of preschool or was it when I had my first playground fight in which another child told me in a mean voice to, "Get away!!"

3:55 PM

Blogger moonbaby said...

Love your blog. It's so funny and sweet. Glad I found it.

1:55 PM


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